Titanium Dioxide Rutile
Titanium Dioxide Anatase
Barium sulfate
Aluminum hydroxide
Aluminum oxide
Zinc oxide
Calcined kaolin
Manganous carbonate
silica hydrated white carbon black
Antimony oxide

    Shanghai Gaoquan Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd is a wholly - Branch, engineering, trade, which integrates high-tech joint-stock offer to large enterprises, has successfully ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification. Professionals engaged in a white envelope with activity aluminum hydroxide, aluminum oxide and superoxide Fine barium sulfate zinc oxide, lithopone, Manganese Carbonate series and surfactant as the main varieties of the production and processing enterprises. User involvement recipients Domain: high-grade plastics, rubber, paints, coatings, inks, and chemical fibers, such as the medical and food industries.

   My company to better serve the vast number of users, and continuously improve the distribution network, focus on corporate image, and the development of chemical raw materials Varieties of complementary measures. The company has first-class warehousing logistics management, and has a wealth of experience in chemical marketing team, and recruits Invite a group of experienced senior technology consultant, to provide technical services.

      Quality is managed: High  entire chemical industry  delivers  goods  from fabrication ,   examination, the quality that the customer serves till the entire proceeding takes form entirely manages, that rigorous scientific management system and the advanced commercial plant being modernized add the high-caliber professional, creates out the high-quality product thereby.

Camp pin range: Respond to new need of home and abroad customer, the chemical industry making great efforts to study development height is complete unceasingly, is to have supplied the first-rate product , to have done out indefatigable effort. Take continent as centre , sell well in Taiwan . . . . .<Detailed information>

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